Fulcrum API changelog and update notes

While we are continually making improvements and updates to the Fulcrum platform, these changes rarely impact the API. Any changes that do have an impact on the API are noted below.

August 2016

To support disabling the project and assignment fields on apps, 2 new attributes have been added to the forms endpoint. You will now see projects_enabled and assignment_enabled boolean attributes when retrieving form definitions. As their name implies, these control whether the features are enabled on the form.

There are 5 new top-level attributes on records to support new product features for capturing audit information.

Note that all of these attributes are brand new and require iOS 2.12.0 and Android 2.19.0 for them to be populated.

May 2016

To support new enhancements in the web record editor, changeset_id has been added to the records/:id endpoint.