Alert user to take horizontal media

These expressions check the orientation of photos and videos when they're added.

When photos are added to a field named photos, alert the user with a message if they’re taken as portrait/vertical (where the width would be less than the height). With iOS devices, having the Portrait Orientation lock enabled will always produce photos with portrait aspect - it should be disabled if you’re using this code in an attempt to collect records with landscape aspect photos. For videos, we want to check the orientation property.

Note that using INVALID with add-photo or add-video media events prevents the media file from being attached to the record.

ON('add-photo', 'photos', function(event) {
  if (event.value.width < event.value.height) {
    if (PLATFORM() === 'iOS') {
      INVALID('Please retake this photo in landscape orientation. If you *did* take the photo in landscape orientation, check to ensure your device \'portrait orientation lock\' is OFF.');
    } else {
      INVALID('Please retake the photo in landscape orientation.');

ON('add-video', 'videos', function(event) {
  if (event.value.orientation == 90 || event.value.orientation == -90) {
    INVALID('Please retake the video in landscape orientation.');