SQL read access to account tables and objects

The Query API provides read-only access to interact with your Fulcrum tables and data (records, repeatables, choice lists, members, media, etc.). This endpoint supports most standard PostgreSQL database functions, including many advanced spatial types supported by the PostGIS extension. This enables real-time data analytics and integrating Fulcrum with a variety of Business Intelligence services and other platforms, as well as programmatically scripting custom data exports.

A more detailed introduction, reference documentation, and examples have been included in a separate expanded section.


Method Endpoint Description
GET/POST /api/v2/query Fetch objects. Additional parameters may be supplied (see query parameters table below).

Query Parameters

Available parameters to query the objects in your account. All of the parameters may be used together to filter your data for more accurate results.

Parameter Type Description Required
token string Your Fulcrum API token. yes
q string The SQL query. yes
format string The format of the results returned by the query. Options include csv, json, geojosn. Defaults to csv. no
headers string Include headers for CSV format no
page integer The page number requested. no
per_page integer Number of results per page. By default, all requests are paginated to the maximum value of 20,000 items per request. no
sort_column string The name of the column used to sort on. no
sort_direction string The sort direction (asc, desc). no