Join pre-defined choice list to fetch label

An app named Tree Inventory contains a choice field with a data name of species, which pulls from a pre-defined choice list of tree species. The Tree Species choice list contains the common species name as the label (Sugar Maple) and the scientific name as the value (Acer saccharum). This query joins the record values from Tree Inventory species column with the Tree Species choice list value to return the label.

SELECT app.species AS scientific_name, list.label AS common_name FROM "Tree Inventory" app
  item->>'label' AS label,
  item->>'value' AS value
    json_array_elements(items::json) AS item
  FROM choice_lists
  WHERE name = 'Tree Species'
) sub) list
ON app.species = list.value

Alternatively, if you have a relatively small choice list, you can use the SQL CASE expression to get the value you want.

    WHEN species = 'Acer rubrum' THEN 'Red Maple'
    WHEN species = 'Acer saccharinum' THEN 'Silver Maple'
    WHEN species = 'Acer pensylvanicum' THEN 'Striped Maple'
    WHEN species = 'Acer saccharum' THEN 'Sugar Maple'
    ELSE species
  END AS species
FROM "Tree Inventory"